Dragon World Talker

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Dragon World talker is an ewtoo style talker, coded from scratch in Ruby. The original version of the talker was started in 1999, however ten years on in late 2009, a group of users originally from Red Dwarf, Yuss and The Dockyard, decided to resurrect Dragon World, with new code and new features.

Dragon World is a UK based talker, with the vast majority of users mainly clustered around the Midlands and South East England.

The talker currently has in place:

We welcome all new users, whether they be old existing talker users, or people new to them. Please note however, you must be over 18 to connect to the talker. We are an adults only talker (although by adult we mean mature, intelligent and sometimes demented conversation, permitting swearing, rather than mindless crude sex talk, which we do not want on here).

Connect to the talker at: telnet://dragonworld.ath.cx:4000